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5 Easy Ways to Be a Better Roommate

Keep your music down to a level that your neighbors and roommates will be comfortable with.For many students, college is the first time that they have lived away from home and the first time they have had roommates that aren’t family members.  Having roommates can be the beginning life long friendships and is an important part of California community college campus life.

Having roommates can also be the beginning of a tension filled academic year, but if you do your part the chances are good that things will work out with your roommates.  Having roommates will help you learn important people skills which will be useful no matter what you do after college.  Here are some guidelines for being a good roommate.

Be neat, clean and not too loud

While your own dirty socks lying on the floor might not bother you, they are likely to annoy anyone else.  Remember that no one wants to see your mess or, even worse, have to clean it up themselves.

Also, if you and all your roommates all enjoy the same type of music blasted light at night, it’s fine do so.  However, this isn’t likely.  Turn your tunes down or get some headphones. NEVER let your music be heard outside your room. Your neighbors may be trying to study, sleep or listen to their own music.

Respect your roommates’ privacy

Give your roommates as much as space as you can.  Never barge into a room without knocking.  Don’t eavesdrop on private conversations (people can always tell) and never snoop around in your roommates’ desk or personal areas.

Also, don’t have your own friends and/or significant other over at the apartment too much.  Keep in mind that the apartment is for you and your roommates to live in only.  If you are going to have some kind of large social gathering, make sure you clear it with everyone in the house and also invite them.

Don't leave dirty dishes for your roommates to deal withCommunicate

Talk to your roommates about who will be doing the chores, when it’s okay to have the stereo on, etc.  Make your expectations clear and then follow through.  If you say that you’ll take out the trash every week, for example, then make sure you do it.

Get to know your roommates

You don’t want to bother your roommates, but showing a genuine interest in them will go a long way towards everyone getting along.  If one of your roommates is from another country or state, ask them about where they are from.  If one of your roommates has a hobby or interest they are passionate about, show some interest.  This will strengthen your bond and you will learn new things.

Doing activities with your roommates can help also you bond.  These activities don’t have to be a big deal.  They can be as simple as heading to the rec room to shoot a game of pool or watching a movie together.

Get out sometimes

Your apartment is your comfort zone, but don’t get so comfortable that you never leave.  There is a lot to do at Columbia College.  Take the time to go the Student Center, go for a hike, take in a jazz concert… anything to get you out and into California community college campus life.  This will be good for you and also for your roommates who will appreciate having the apartment to themselves.

In conclusion, being a good roommate comes down to showing respect towards everyone else in the apartment.  Of course, sometimes conflicts arise.  If you can’t work these out on your own, talk to your Resident Assistant, who is trained and experienced in resolving the usual conflicts of California community college campus life.  For the most part though, if you treat your roommates the way you’d like them to treat you, everyone’s experience living together will be great.

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