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New Site Aligns Courses of Study, Career Opportunities and More

Students Find A Way Forward With California Community Colleges Site

California Community College Foundation has launched an updated, evergreen, information-rich online destination to help prospective students find all the info they need to make informed decisions when planning for college and career. ICanGoToCollege.com Has information on colleges, career paths, transferring to four-year colleges and universities, degrees, certificates, and financial aid.

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Whether you’re a highschool student seeking information and advice on dual enrollment, or an adult learner seeking information on courses of study for a career change, finding what you need to make an informed decision on a clear path forward can be challenging.

California community colleges offer excellent resources for both high school students heading to college, and for older adults looking for strong professional development options. 

Picking A Place

Planning the path forward, students need to take into account what classes are available at what schools. Geography may seem like a less significant consideration these days, but that’s not necessarily the case. The advantages to in-person learning and on-campus living are even more evident now than ever before. The I Can Go To College website by California community colleges can help students evaluate schools to help them make the higher learning decision process easier. For instance, Columbia College has online and in-person instruction in key academic and professional development areas for students seeking high-paying 21st century jobs in a number of growing job sectors, and it’s one of the few community college campuses that also has on-campus housing, just like most four-year institutions of higher learning offer.

Picking A Profession

Most students choose college courses that align with the type of career they envision for themselves. There are a dizzying amount of things to consider when planning a college course of study. Students need to understand majors, minors, and other course options when planning their path toward a career in their chosen field. The I Can Go To College site has a specific section dedicated to career planning. A nice feature is their Career Opportunities quiz; it’s an easy and engaging way to help you define and refine your goals on your path to a great career.

Picking A Path Forward

Whether you’re a highschool student seeking a low-cost, high quality education and a path to transfer into a California State college or the University of California college system, or are an older potential student seeking a course of study for a career change, or someone looking for professional certifications and degrees, California Community College Foundation has put everything you need to help make the best choices for you right at your finger tips in one, convenient, pleasing, and easy to use website. Visit ICanGoToCollege.com and see how California Community Colleges make it easy to plan your way forward.

Want more information, insights, and resources for successful college living? Great! Click here and we’ll hook you up with the best resources curated to help 21st century students succeed.

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