11800 Columbia College Drive
Sonora, CA 95370
(209) 533-3039

Students Can Still Thrive In On Campus Housing At Community College

Campus living at community college. Some California community colleges, such as Columbia College in Sonora, California, have full-service adult living facilities right on campus. Studies show that campus living has a positive impact on student outcomes, and it’s as important as ever that they have a safe environment in which to thrive. California Student Housing is proud to be among the many resources  students have access to as they make their plans for college life. 

Along with countless opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, build relationships, and gain adult  life experiences that help them thrive, here are a few specifics that really drive home the point:

The Benefits of On-Campus Living..

  • Living in community with students sharing the same experiences
  • 24/7 facilities staff
  • Walking distance to student health services
  • Coursework assistance with other residents
  • In-house recreation amenities
  • Big screen TV, pool table, study area, and vending machines
  • On-premise laundry facilities
Even if temporarily all the classes are online..

  • Fewer distractions from home
  • Wi-Fi included – great for online classes
  • Fewer distractions from friends not in school
  • Living in community with students sharing the same classes
  • Housing management and maintenance
  • Adult environment that fosters independence, personal growth, responsibility, and maturity
Students weighing their options are looking to California community colleges now more than ever. Student housing on campus can be a real bonus to help them find their way academically, interpersonally, emotionally, and socially.

California Student Housing, on the beautiful campus of Columbia Community College in historic Sonora, California – the very heart of Gold Country –  considers it a privilege to help serve students find their way here.

Apply for housing here.

California Student Housing At-A-Glance

  • Four 3-story apartment buildings
  • Forty-eight 750 sq. ft. apartments
  • On-premise laundry facilities
  • On-premise recreational facilities
  • On-premise study areas
  • Located on campus
  • Centrally located 2 hours from Sacramento, 2.5 hours from the SF Bay Area
  • Ideal for students seeking a vocational degree to have the full college experience

California Student Housing

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