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Why Choose a California Community College?

Columbia College in Sonora, CAWhy choose a California community college?  Well, there are many reasons, depending on who you are.  Because of its size and diversity, the California Community Colleges system has something for about anyone.  With 2.1 million students and 112 community colleges, it is the largest higher education system in the United States.  It offers programs for transfer to four year universities, professional certificate and degree programs, workforce training and basic courses in English and math all at some of the most competitive prices in the country.

Let’s look at three specific reasons to choose a California community college.

A Degree with a Guarantee” program

California community colleges now offer associate degrees for transfer to four year schools in the California State University system in both arts and sciences.  Earning an AA-T or AA-S degree as well as meeting CSU minimum entrance requirements guarantee you admission to a CSU university, although not necessarily the one of your choice.  Once you’re at a CSU university, you can complete your Bachelor’s degree quickly by completing only 60 to 90 credit hours.

Spending your first two years at a California community college – as opposed to a four year university – is a great idea, especially when you consider that a community college is likely to be cheaper, closer to where you are from and offer smaller classes.

Business Partnerships

The California Community Colleges system has business partnerships with some of the leading organizations in business and industry all over the state.  Business partners offer community college students internships, training, supplies, guest instruction and more.  These relationships often go back for decades.

As a student you will get a lot out of these partnerships, whether you are a future small business owner in southern California working with Goldman Sachs through the Long Beach Community College District or a future bio-engineer in the Bay Area working with Amgen through Ohlone community college.

Cutting Edge Instruction

3D printing instruction offered at California community collegesCurriculum in the California community colleges keeps pace with where the new industries and jobs are.  An example of this are the engineering classes being offered at Saddleback College in southern California and Sierra College in northern California in 3D printing.  These new 3D printers are changing how engineering and architectural design is done, and there will be a great demand for trained workers who understand how to program and use them in the near future.

Another example is the apprenticeship program offered in the business of organic farming offered by College of Marin in northern California.  Students in the program do hands on work with local organic farms to learn the techniques of organic farming.  Organic farming is a very hot “field” to be involved in since there is currently a growing demand for organic produce from fine restaurants as well as environmentally and health conscious consumers of all types.

Other hot programs offered through California community colleges include:

  • Power Generation
  • 3-D Animation
  • Green Technology

In conclusion, the California Community College system doesn’t just offer the same old same old curriculum at a high price.  Rather, they are constantly adapting instruction to meet workforce demand and working to do more with less cost-wise.  That means the best training and education for their students.

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