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Second Rate? California Community Colleges Fight Stereotypes

Choosing a California community collegeDo you think that community colleges are just for students who can’t get in to four year universities?  Think again!  The truth is, community colleges provide high quality education for high quality students transferring to four year schools as well as for those earning professional and technical certifications.

California community colleges in particular are a great value in many ways, and a case in point is Columbia College in Sonora.  Here’s why.

Academic excellence

Columbia College is a great institution for students who want to transfer to four year universities, especially in the California state system.  Numerous Columbia graduates have gone on to finish four year degrees at CSU Stanislaus, CSU Fresno and CSU Sacramento in particular.

Community colleges provide the country with some of our best trained first-responders, health care workers and skilled tradespeople, and Columbia College is no exception.  The college offers career and technical programs in fifteen areas.  These programs have strong links to local community professionals and Columbia students get real world training and experience.

In demand programs include:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Fire Technology
  • Health Occupations


The cost of attending Columbia is $46 per unit, or $1380 for a class load of 30 units.  That’s one of the best community college values in the country and a far better value for the first two years of college than pretty much any four year university.

In fact, California community colleges in general are a great deal. You can only find community colleges that charge less than $1800 for 30 units of classwork in three states other than California.

Columbia College is open-enrollment and encourages diversity in its student body.  In short, it’s a bargain for anyone serious about taking their education to the next level.


Columbia offers a variety of cheap and convenient housing.  Student apartments are available right on a campus – in a variety of different arrangements – in a beautiful and natural setting.  Students can walk to class and live in an environment where they can focus on their studies.

Advantages to living on campus in California Student Housing include:

  • A low deposit
  • Cheap rent
  • Low cost utilities
  • Savings on Internet and television
  • Not spending money driving to school
  • Supervision and security


Columbia College in Sonora, CaliforniaColumbia College is located around San Diego Reservoir in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  It’s a beautiful area where the pace of life is relaxed, yet focused.

It’s location in Central California is an ideal place for students to prepare for academic or professional life anywhere in California… or beyond.

Commitment to student success

At Columbia College, as at all California community colleges, the student is the overriding concern; nothing else.  Instructors have real world experience in their disciplines and are there to help the student get the skills he or she needs.  Class sizes are small.  Columbia College looks out in particular for first year students who are away from home for the first time and in a new environment.

Why take a chance at getting lost at a giant university?  Look closer to home at Columbia College.

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